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Car Park Demolition

Client: Medicinq in joint venture with Simons Construction Ltd
Discipline(s): Temporary works, demolition, CAD modelling
Location: Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham
Programme: 22 weeks  


Coleman & Company completed the demolition of a 13 deck, multi-storey car park at Queen’s Medical Centre at Nottingham University Hospital.    

Scope of works

The project involved:
  • Temporary works design and installation, including propping and scaffolding
  • Hand removal of cladding panels prior to main demolition works commencing
  • Protection of live services and adjacent watercourse
  • Demolition and removal of car park’s super and substructures
  • CAD model representations of proposed demolition methods to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Hospital Trust and all stakeholders
Project challenges

Challenges included: 
  • The HSE had closed down the car park following a structural assessment. A safe exclusion zone was formed around the perimeter, as the concrete was spalling and recent repairs had failed.
  • The car park required internal propping and a strict demolition sequence was necessary to prevent uncontrolled collapse. Demolition sequencing was approved by the HSE and two other structural consulting engineers
  • The Power House with sole responsibility for maintaining the supply to all hospital wards and theatres was only five metres from the gable end
  • Maintaining patient, employee and visitor safety in the centre of a busy teaching  hospital and emergency department

The project was situated within the grounds of the live hospital. This car park demolition project was completed successfully without any inconvenience and disruption to the hospital, its patients, the general public or the adjacent watercourse.