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Gas Holder Demolition

National Grip Property Holdings Ltd (Utilities)
Hazardous waste removal, demolition and dismantling
Walsall, West Midlands
25 weeks


Coleman & Company was contracted to completed the demolition of two, 12.5m tall, above ground spiral guided gas holders located in Walsall, Birmingham.   Scope of works  Various works including:
  • Dewatering of the gas chambers
  • Cutting and removal of a section of crown plates
  • A full environmental clean
  • Demolition of the gas holder lift skins and walls
  • Demolition of redundant ancillary buildings and street furniture
  • Regular monitoring of the embankment adjacent to the motorway for movement
Project challengesThis project was completed alongside our specialist environmental contractor, Coleman Remediation Services. There were a number of challenges, including:
  • Removal of harmful chemicals
  • The close proximity to the motorway requiring cold cutting rather than hot works so not to distract drivers
  • Reducing the amount of steel being removed from site by recycling them into road plates at the point of removal
  • The monitoring of potential structural movement

With a number of residential gardens backing onto the site, precautions were put in place to combat the unpleasant smells associated with disturbing sludge. Two de-odorisers where used to spray odour-neutralising agents into the air, alongside a fragrance to make the environment as pleasant as possible for the local community during the demolition.