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Pollockshaws, Glasgow

Controlled Explosive Demolition of 4 Number 24 Storey Tower Blocks. 12 Riverford Road & 21 Riverbank Street and 124 & 142 Shawbridge Street, Pollockshaws, Glasgow.

Coleman & Company demolished the 4 tower blocks at Pollockshaws as part of the Partnership Framework with Glasgow Housing Association. These controlled demolition works were undertaken in 2 phases comprising 2 blocks each. Both phases were subject to complex constraints requiring meticulous planning and consultation.

Phase 1
Phase 1’s constraints included occupied residential premises within 5 metres which required the deconstruction of the gable end flat to ground level in advance of preparatory works for blowdown. Protection was afforded the live services within the designed drop area and to the glass facade of the library across the street.

Phase 2
Phase 2 required the removal of the gable end flat to 2nd floor and the neighbouring flat to 10th floor level and subsequent demolition by High Reach Machine. Protection to the 100 year old nursery school within 5 metres of the Block, protection to the 18” cast iron gas main within the designed drop area, protection to White Cart Water and protection to the nearby Network Rail track.

Both blowdowns were both undertaken as programmed. Due to the location and confined nature of Phase 2 Site the material was transported to the Phase 1 site for crushing to 6F2 for recycling as sub-base for the M74.

To find out more about this and other controlled demolition projects we have worked on please contact Coleman & Company on +44 121 325 2424.


Demolition of 4 number 24 storey towers

Glasgow Housing Association

Phase 1 35 weeks
Phase 2 48 weeks

24 operatives
850, 40 metre High Reach Machine
20 – 50 tonne Excavators
Mobile Crane
28 Sentries
20 Police
4 River Police
2 Motorcylce Police
Crushing Plant

840 tonnes steel 47,200 tonne concrete recycled to 6F2

Occupied Housing, Kirk Lane Cemetery, Shawbridge Library, Shawbridge Playing Fields, Shawbridge Sports Centre, Shawbridge Nursery School, Hickory Dickory Nursery School, Sir John Maxwell Primary School, Network Rail, White Cart Water, Public Highways