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Gas Holder Demolition

Client: National Grid Property Holdings Limited
Discipline(s): Demolition, deconstruction, de-watering, backfilling
Location: Battersea, London  


Coleman & Company was commissioned to carry out the demolition and deconstruction of four redundant gas holders on Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea, for National Grid Property Holdings Limited.   The demolition of the decommissioned gas holders and the clean-up of the surrounding land is part of the National Grid’s commitment to bringing redundant sites back into use for housing.  

Scope of works  

The various works included:
  • Demolition and deconstruction of four redundant gas holders: two below-ground column guided gas holders, one below-ground spiral guided gas holder and an above-ground MAN gas holder
  • De-watering and de-sludging three below-ground gasholders under controlled discharge conditions, working with specialist sub-contractor Eneotech
  • Backfilling the site with recycled aggregates and clay from ongoing tunneling projects in the London area
  • Development of bespoke rooftop cranes to adapt to the unique environment
  Project challenges

The project was complex in size and scale, key challenges included:
  • Size of the gas holders - with heights of 90 metres and diameters of up to 65 metres
  • Demolition of the MAN gas holder was only seven metres away from a viaduct with an electrified rail line carrying trains to London
  • Innovative cold cutting techniques were needed to mitigate the risks of using hot works at height next to live railway lines
  • Accessing gas holders nine to 14 metres below ground
  • Preservation of the supporting metal work frame from the mid 1800s to meet the project’s cultural strategy
  • Minimising environmental noise and depositional dust protect to employees, neighbouring properties and the adjacent rail viaduct

The site itself is surrounded by two live railway lines and the famous Battersea Dogs Home.  Coleman & Company works closely with stakeholders to ensure minimum disruption during the works. A former gas engineer’s house, located within the site, was also converted to a gallery for exhibiting artworks associated with the rich history of the former gas works, as a resource for the local community.  

  • Coleman Engineering Services
  • Coleman & Company Specialist Cutting Services
  • Eneotech Environmental Ltd
  • Bespoke craneage system
  • Bespoke air pressurisation
  • Cold cutting engineers
  • Hot works – specialist burners
  • Demolition specification excavators
  • Craneage
  • Vibration monitoring