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Coleman & Company - Demolition contractor and associated services

Explosive Demolition

Explosive demolition provides an efficient and cost effective way of demolishing high rise buildings and industrial structures.

Coleman & Company houses a team of experienced explosive demolition experts. Our team is headed up by Mark Coleman who is an Associate Member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers. We also have a team of highly qualified in-house engineers who work with carefully selected strategic explosive engineering and charging services partners at every stage of the process.

The team carry out the following in house activities:
  • Structural engineering design work
  • Implementation of resident and business evacuation plan
  • Explosive engineering preparatory work
  • Pre weakening of structure
  • Drilling charge holes
  • Protection – at source & secondary
  • Stakeholder liaison - such as residents, local business, network rail, roads and highways, statutory authorities, schools and, churches etc. Operational management on the day to include securing the exclusion zone, co-ordinating stakeholders - Clients Team, Residents, Police and Emergency Services. 
Our in house engineer’s design and model the mode of collapse using specialist 3D modelling software. During this process particular focus is placed pre-weakening and optimised explosive charge weight innovation.

Examples of explosive demolition projects in whole or part