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Coleman & Company - Demolition contractor and associated services

Structural Assessments

Our team of experienced engineers are able to appraise your structure to make an assessment of how it will react to demolition and dismantling activities. Such assessments are regularly undertaken by our team as part our contract works but can equally be performed as part of pre-tender planning; feasibility studies; or post contract to report on structures to be retained.

The assessments typically take the form of a desk study of any available historical design/detailing information combined with a visual inspection. This enables important information about the building to be collated such as the structural form, construction details, and condition factors.

The assessment would also collect details of any previous modifications, damage, enhancements or strengthening. The assessment would utilise existing Structural Investigations (SI) or where non are available we will make recommendations for further investigation. We would also draw on other industry specialists where required such as ground vibration.

The information collected is presented in a professional report as either a fact based record of the findings or, where required, complete with recommendations on sequence and method of demolition, or retention of structures as appropriate.

The advantage of our service is that we are experienced in the likely methods and modes of demolition thus enabling us to focus on collecting the information most relevant to the demolition operation.